Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 27: The Howling (1981)

Episode XXVII: Joe Dante’s The Howling – Oct. 1st, 2013

Terror you can sink your teeth into….

One man that showed a lot of class when we met him at Fan Expo was Joe Dante. This was the man that gave us Gremlins when we were kids. He thrilled us with The Burbs and gave us another reason to fear the open water in 1978’s Piranha. In the early 80s there was a rash of lycanthropy horror films. Werewolves were all the rage. Among these monster movie gems was Dante’s The Howling starring Dee Wallace with horror veterans Kevin McCarthy and John Carradine. The Howling was a combination of excellent writing, a strong cast, smart direction and state of the art special effects by many skilled hands, including Rob Bottin and Rick Baker. This is just the film to sink your teeth into. Join us as we celebrate classic 80s werewolf goodness!


01:00 Ministry welcomes you with Psalm 69…

02:17 Unleashing The Howling…

03:30 The screening of The Burbs

05:08 Reminiscing on Gremlins…

08:00 Early 80s exploded with lycanthropy films…

10:30 Dee Wallace goes to a porno…

12:30 Kevin McCarthy’s horror roots…

14:00 Surprised to see Patrick Macnee (love for Waxwork)…

15:50 The Ancient John Carradine…

17:25 Seduced by Elizabeth Brooks (RIP you vicious Canadian minx)

19:20 The horror of Eddie (is that really Robert Picardo?)

22:00 The final broadcast…

24:30 A profound comparison to Rosemary’s Baby (Brian Stewart insight)

26:50 Scoring the film and final thoughts…

31:05 Conclusion..thanking Joe Dante and CHECK OUT TRAILERSFROMHELL.COM!!

The Howling (1981)

Directed by: Joe Dante
Written by: Gary Brandner (novel) John Sayles and Terence H. Winkless (screenplay)


Dee Wallace as Karen White
Patrick Macnee as Dr. George Waggner
Belinda Balaski as Terry Fisher
Kevin McCarthy as Fred Francis
John Carradine as Erle Kenton
Elisabeth Brooks as Marsha Quist
Robert Picardo as Eddie Quist

Rob Bottin…special makeup effects creator

All video, pictures and audio used from The Howling is copyright © 1981 by AVCO Embassy Pictures, International Film Investors and Wescom Productions. All media used for educational and review purposes. No reproductions please.

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