Horror 101 – Episode 37: Demons (1985)

Episode XXXVII: Demons (1985) – October 27th, 2014

They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and tombs, your cities…

Welcome back to another episode of Horror 101 where we’re Educating Your Fears! Just in time for Halloween, we’re coming at you with another fun gorefest from 1985. Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS is as graphic as it is fun and nightmarish. Come back with us as we revisit this Italian production about a group of free ticket holders who fall victim to a cursed theatre. When events inside the projected movie bleed through into the real world it becomes a cat and mouse game of survival as one by one the audience members become blood thirsty abominations, hell bent at bringing total chaos unto the world.

Demons is produced by giallo mastermind Dario Argento with music from Billy Idol, Rick Springfield and Motley Crue. The gore is excessive. The violence is over the top and once this film starts going, it never lets up. Demons is an 88 minute apocalyptic nightmare that you just have to see. Join us and let Horror 101 usher in another Halloween with this half hour show that’s destined to make you a fan of Demons!


01:00 HALLOWEEN TIME!! It’s time for 1985 fun for our fans!
03:00 This show was ALMOST the original Nightmare on Elm Street
06:30 “That’ll teach you to touch things!”
07:15 The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters! (Motley Crue)
09:45 “What the hell happened to Rosemary?”
12:00 “It’s happening just like in the movie!”
13:45 This is NOT an exit (trapped in a nightmare)
15:13 The dubbing of Bobby Rhodes…
15:55 A demon movie with zombie rules…
18:24 What kind of violence makes you squirm?
20:00 Coke titties!! (The B-Cast)
21:00 The death of Tony the Pimp (we’ll miss him)
23:24 Debating the similarities to Deadites
25:25 A great transfer and possibly more gore than ever before?
27:30 Scoring the film…
30:30 Conclusion! Have a great Halloween!!

DEMONS (1985)

Directed By: Lamberto Bava
Written By: Dardano Sacchetti (original story)
Produced BY: Dario Argento


Urbano Barberini as George
Natasha Hovey as Cheryl
Karl Zinny as Ken
Paola Cozzo as Kathy
Geretta Geretta as Rosemary
Bobby Rhodes as Tony The Pimp
Fiore Argento as Hannah
Nicoletta Elmi as Ingrid, the usherette
Bettina Ciampolini as Nina (Coke Titties)

All video, pictures and audio used from Demons is copyright © 1985 by DACFILM Rome. Used for educational purposes. No reproductions of any kind.

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