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Hello and welcome to Horror 101!!  Education For Your FEARS!  As a horror fan for the last 25 years I’ve always found myself being the go-to guy for Horror.   When the subject of horror pops up socially I’m in like Flynn suggesting which movies to watch and which ones to avoid and its usually with a certain amount of passion and zany flair so someone suggested I start a podcast on the genre.  What an excellent idea! So here I am.  This site is mainly for our Horror 101 podcast where we will be talking about all things horror in film. This isn’t just your typical horror podcast where we highlight the latest horror films.  We want to educate your horror palette by putting lots of great horror under a microscope for your listening pleasure; both new and old.   You’ll hear debates and colourful opinions on a bunch of different horror titles, characters, actors, directors, crews, you name it.   If all goes well we will be able to interview different creators of horror flicks in the future.  The sky is the limit.

The main idea here is to have fun. Horror 101 is a hobby and will be dealt with in my spare time.  I hope you enjoy the podcasts.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you and enjoy!

Cash Wampum


Horror 101 picture provided by Paul Reaume of Twisted Studio



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  1. Jeff LaBelle

    Hi, do you have a podcast rss feed?


    1. cash

      Jeff, we certainly do.


  2. Jamie

    Hey Cash,

    There was a much anticipated movie that was supposed to come out around 2006. It was called Sin Jin Smyth. It was to star Jonathon Davis of Korn, and a few other lesser known stars. Do you know what ever became of this movie?

    P.S. Love the podcasts!!!!!!

    1. cash


      I had never heard of this movie before you just mentioned it. Wikipedia to the rescue…..fantastic idea. Roddy Piper? Charles Cypher? Eileen Dietz were to be involved? Did you read the premise behind the story? The devil is in jail, asked to be police transferred on Day of the Dead festival, during a tornado warning in Police State America?? This is completely too ambitious. Sounds cool as hell though. Its certainly something I would love to see get off the ground. Looks like the people trying to make the film have bitten off way more than they can chew. IMDB keeps changing the status of it over and over again. I fear we’ll never see this movie. I’d read the book in a heartbeat though.

  3. JC

    Love the podcasts. Been listening to horror podcasts for some time now and you guys are clearly heads above the rest. One of my favs from the 80’s is The Beast Within. Love if you guys can give a look and discuss. Xtro is another hidden gem. Keep up the great work.

    1. cash

      Beast Within. “We dare you watch the last 30 mins of this movie without screaming or running out of your seat!” I remember that tagline on the VHS box art when I was a kid. And Xtro. Nasty New Line Cinema fare before Nightmare was in their catalogue. Interesting suggestions. We’re glad you like the show!! Cheers!

  4. JC

    I watched a double feature of Beast Within and Motel Hell back in the day. A 12 year kid watching both flicks by my sisters house while she was down the block having coffee with a friend and my 2 year old niece was sleeping in her crib. Transformation scene comes, door creaks and I am out like a flash, running full speed down the block in my feetie pajamas. Door wide open. Those were the days. Shame on my sister for letting me talk her into watching those two alone at night. ; ) Nothing better than what the 80’s decade of horror gave us. Give me a time machine and take me back. Again, love the show. Well produced and edited. Keep up the great work guys.

  5. james st.onge

    really like the podcasts you guys and girls are great personalties,. keep up the good work

  6. william lorenzana


    Love your podcast. You did a great Tales from the Dark side movie podcast. Would love to have you guys do one on the TV show, similar to the Twilight zone podcast you did! Thanks and love the podcast!

  7. Joe sofia


    Love the podcast and the entire gang. Check out “Zombeavers”. 2015 director: Jordan Rubin

    Campy and FUN!!!

  8. Matthew Port

    Your podcast is the hands down the best horror podcast available! Your attention to detail makes most horror podcasters sound like they were playing on their phones whilst watching the film’s.
    I’ve seen and purchased many new films thanks to your podcast, Phantasm, Creepshow and Night of the Demons are definitely new favourites!
    It would be great to hear a show about 976-Evil, Braindead (Dead Alive), Eaten Alive, Pieces… It’s a very long list so I’ll just leave it there!
    Keep up the amazing work everyone, Cash you’re the man thanks for sharing your passion for all things horror with the world!

    1. admin

      Thank you for the kind words, Matthew. Pieces and Braindead are certainly very possible candidates for future shows. Cheers!

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