Horror 101 – Episode 42: The Cabin in The Woods

Episode 42: The Cabin in The Woods – May 18th, 2015

You think you know the story?

We’re back!! (finally) and for this 42nd episode of the podcast we’re giving you the Horror 101 treatment of a more recent genre title. After receiving messages from our listeners requesting a modern film being dissected we bowed to YOUR pressure and we’re pleased to serve up our tribute to Drew Goddard’s Cabin in The Woods. Admittedly, this was our most challenging edit yet. How do you take a film that is so unorthodox and filled with dozens, if not HUNDREDS of horror references and tropes and try to present it to our listeners in the Horror 101 style? It was NOT an easy task. We give you a little history on the writer, Joss Whedon. We’ll follow 5 youths on a terrifying and funny adventure that not only spotlights the usual molds that a horror film adheres to but also breaks the mold all at the same time. Its another podcast filled with soundtrack music and clips from the scenes we discuss. Enjoy the show! And thanks for your patience waiting for this one.


01:40 We’re giving YOU what you want (was almost Babadook)…
04:20 A history of Joss Whedon…
06:05 A joke on the audience…
09:20 The Harbinger of Doom…
12:10 “They don’t transgress, they can’t be punished…”
14:15 The cellar (chose and perish)…
18:17 Manufacturing the persona…
20:20 When the killing starts…
21:30 There has to be at least 5…
23:25 An Army of Nightmares (The Horrorgasm)
25:00 Keep your eyes open for the references…
27:37 Scoring the film and final thoughts…
30:29 Conclusion (thanks for listening and waiting!)

The Cabin in The Woods (2012)

Directed by: Drew Goddard
Written by: Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard


Kristen Connolly as Dana
Chris Hemsworth as Curt
Anna Hutchison as Jules
Fran Kranz as Marty
Jesse Williams as Holden
Richard Jenkins as Sitterson
Bradley Whitford as Hadley
Amy Acker as Lin

Music by: David Julyan

All video, pictures and audio used from The Cabin in The Woods is copyright © 2012 by Lionsgate and Mutant Enemy. Used for review purposes. No reproductions of any kind.

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