Friends of Horror 101

Friends of Horror 101


Get ready for one of the most comprehensive and thorough horror blogs available today.  The SON OF CELLULOID, our good friend Nathan Hamilton has been an excellent ally of Horror 101 since it’s inception.   Based out of the State of Georgia this man has seen enough horror movies to be a true guru of the genre and his blog says it all.  Whether its a tame ghost story that’s 80 years old or a conventional gore fest that would sicken even the most veteran horror thrill seekers, the SOC has seen ’em all.  His writing style is slick and informative.  It keeps you entertained while piquing your interest.  Nathan has done countless reviews and interviews and has been an absolute delight to correspond with.   Nathan has always been very accessible, friendly, and helpful to the Horror 101 cause.  Any horror fan who hasn’t had the chance to check out the Son of Celluloid blog is missing out.  Click on it NOW!!

– Cash Wampum



Chris Kuchta is a horror artist, art instructor and freelance illustrator hailing from Lafayette, Indiana. A graduate of American Academy of Art in 2000, he has since studied art all over the globe. In 2004 he opened the Kuchta Academy of Fine Art and Illustration and has been teaching Academic Drawing and Painting as well as Digital Art and Graphic Design.

In addition to teaching, he has also worked as a freelance illustrator and portrait painter. His current projects include a series of movie monster paintings and prints, concept illustration for film and animation, story-boarding and a comic graphic novel entitled Escalation. When not drawing and painting he can be found with his wife Lori and two cats Vincent and Hop.

Seek Chris out at his website at

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