Horror 101 – Episode 81: Pet Sematary (1989)

Horror 101 – Episode 81: Pet Sematary (1989) November 30th, 2018

Sometimes dead is better.

Welcome back to the Horror 101 Podcast. For this 81st show we’re shedding light on one of the scariest films to come out of 1989. In 1983 Stephen King wrote a novel which incorporated a bunch of his personal experiences and wrapped them in a supernatural blanket of evil, violence and despair. By the end of the book he had completely freaked himself out with what he had written and shelved the story but it became a huge best seller anyway. Several years later, Mary Lambert would go on to direct her vision of that story. With a new remake on the horizon and a fantastic ‘making of’ documentary made last year we’ve decided to give the Horror 101 treatment to Pet Sematary.


01:00 Prelude to Terror…
05:45 What would scare Stephen King?
07:15 Mark Lambert…
10:30 Jud Crandall…
12:45 The Death of Pascow…
15:30 The Deadfall and Beyond…
19:45 Gage meets Truck…
23:55 Zelda…
28:14 Gage Vs. Jud…
30:20 “Now I want to play with you!”
32:50 Scoring the film…remake coming.
35:35 Conclusion and thanks for listening!

Pet Sematary (1989)

Directed by: Mary Lambert

Screenplay and Novel by: Stephen King


Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed
Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall
Denise Crosby as Rachel Creed
Brad Greenquistas Victor Pascow
Miko Hughes as Gage Creed
Andrew Hubatsek as Zelda

Music by Elliot Goldenthal

All video, pictures and audio used from Pet Sematary is copyright © 1989 by Paramount Pictures. Used for educational purposes. No reproductions of any kind.