Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 14: Why Trick or Treat When You Can Have Both?

Episode XIV – Bringing you Trick ‘R Treat and our hilarious Halloween memories, Oct. 29th 2012

Here it is! Our favourite time of year, once again. Halloween! The ancient festival of Samhain. On this show we’re focusing on a straight to DVD little gem that should be on everyone’s Halloween watch list. Trick ‘R Treat (2007) can be described as Creepshow meets Pulp Fiction centred on an eerie Halloween night. Its a brilliant little anthology that delivers laughs, scares, spooks, all the elements of what the spirit of Halloween is about. Join us as we discuss this film and share with you hilarious stories of our Halloween experiences when we were kids. If you love Halloween you can’t miss this show!


01:00 An ode to the majesty of Halloween
03:20 When we were kids….we OWNED Halloween…
05:15 One size fits all, MY ASS!!
08:28 From Treatee to Treater…
09:37 Cash’s House on Halloween Night
11:33 The best houses to visit Halloween
12:45 The origins of Halloween, the Festival of Samhain
14:25 Introducing Trick ‘R Treat and initial reactions after viewing it
16:54 This is what Halloween III SHOULD have started in the 80s
18:35 Dylan Baker and Brian Cox…great cast!!
19:56 The Little Sam character!
21:56 This went straight to Video?!?!
26:00 Our favourite scene…
27:58 Urban Legends
29:40 Always check your candy!!!
31:05 A nod to John Carpenter’s The Thing
32:43 Scoring Trick ‘R Treat (with the wonderful Nood)
35:52 Conclusion and Happy Halloween to you ALL!!

Trick ‘R Treat (2007)

Directed by: Michael Dougherty
Written by: Michael Dougherty


Dylan Baker as Steven
Anna Paquin as Laurie
Brian Cox as Mr. Kreeg
Quinn Lord as Sam
Britt McKillip as Macy
Samm Todd as Rhonda
Rochelle Aytes as Maria
Lauren Lee Smith as Danielle
Moneca Delain as Janet
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry

All Trick ‘R Treat pictures and audio copyright © 2007 by Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Little Sam Films and used for educational purposes. No reproductions please.

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