Horror 101 Podcast Episode 10: It’s Weird and Pissed Off, Whatever It is!!!

Episode X:  Part One of the John Carpenter Apocalyptic Trilogy – August 15th, 2012

This is the first of three shows focusing on John Carpenter’s Apocalyptic Trilogy. First up, The Thing (1982). This is truly an amazing film that scores high on every level. Join as we discuss why its such a great movie and how it’s initial release was plagued with bad press, horrible timing and a fan base that turned their back on it. How could this have happened? What was the original Thing From Another World (1951) like? How does the The Thing Prequel (2011) compare to Carpenter’s vision? Join your hosts Cash, The World Famous Brian Stewart, Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson and special guest The Macabre Todd Gervais for another solid podcast dissecting a film that is firmly in most horror fan’s top 10.


1. 8:40 – DAS DING!!
2. 12:53 – Cash loses himself at the theatre
3. 16:40 – The Thing releases and FAILS!!
4. 25:30 – The violence against dogs
5. 26:45 – Comparing the gore to other films of the time
6. 29:00 – Carpenter should have NO apologies
7. 33:25 – Thoughts about The Prequel
8. 39:30 – Comparing The Thing with it’s Prequel
9. 56:55 – The “Lars” Debacle!!
10. 60:15 – Deciding which movie is better; Halloween or The Thing
11. 63:40 – Conclusion

Movie info:

 The Thing From Another World (1951)


Directed by:  Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks (uncredited)
Written by:  Charles Lederer (screenplay)


Margaret Sheridan as Nikki
Kenneth Tobey as Captain Patrick Hendry
Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Arthur Carrington
Douglas Spencer as Scotty
James Young as Lt. Eddie Dykes
Dewey Martin as Crew Chief Bob
James Arness as ‘The Thing’


The Thing 1982

Directed by: John Carpenter
Written by: Bill Lancaster


Kurt Russel as R.J. MacReady
Wilford Brimley as Blair
T.K. Carter as Nauls
David Clennon as Palmer
Keith David as Childs
Richard Dysart as Copper
Charles Hallahan as Norris
Peter Maloney as Bennings
Richard Masur as Clark



The Thing 2011

Directed by: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.
Written by: Eric Heisserer


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate Lloyd
Joel Edgerton as Sam Carter
Ulrich Thomsen as Dr. Sander Halvorson
Eric Christian Olsen as Adam Finch
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Derek Jameson
Paul Braunstein as Griggs
Trond Espen Seim as Edvard Wolner
Kim Bubbs as Juliette
Jørgen Langhelle as Lars


Original Story “Who Goes There?” by John Wood Campbell Jr.

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