Horror 101 – Episode 38: Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Episode XXXVIII: Alice, Sweet Alice – November 13th, 2014

Your First Communion holds your last breath…

On this 38th Horror 101 episode the crew highlight a 70’s snoozer giallo style slasher film called Alice, Sweet Alice. Directed by Alfred Sole, this was Brooke Shields’ first film. The movie has all but disappeared into obscurity but we’re digging it out of its grave to highlight for our listeners this suspenseful tale of murder and mystery. When little Karen is killed at her First Communion all evidence points to her disturbed teenage sister as the killer. As the bodies begin to climb during the investigation the big question is asked of the viewer. Can a child really be a serial killer? Alice, Sweet Alice is an effective chiller with lots of Catholic imagery, intense violence and direct nods to Hitchcock and Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. join us for another half hour of Horror 101 good times!


01:00 Welcome back!! The Halloween recap…
04:40 Introducing Alice, Sweet Alice (with special guest Jeff Scott)
07:30 Alice and Karen, sibling rivalry of contempt and cruelty…
08:40 Say, “Bye-Bye”, Brooke Shields!
09:30 When normal children go BAD!
11:40 The stairs attack of the Aunt…
15:07 The Landlord (is that a crotch stain?)
17:00 The Brian Stewart Hitchcock Nods…
21:55 How do we not spoil this film?
26:38 Scoring the film and final thoughts…
29:00 Conclusion and plans for the 39th Episode…

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Directed by: Alfred Sole
Screenplay by: Rosemary Ritvo & Alfred Sole


Brooke Shields as Karen Spages
Linda Miller as Catherine Spages
Paula E. Sheppard as Alice Spages
Niles McMaster as Dom Spages
Jane Lowry as Aunt Annie DeLorenze
Rudolph Willrich as Father Tom
Michael Hardstark as Detective Spina
Alphonso DeNoble as Mr. Alphonso

Music by Stephen Lawrence
Executive Producer Richard K. Rosenberg

All video, pictures and audio used from Alice, Sweet Alice is copyright © 1976 by Harristown Funding. Used for educational purposes. No reproductions of any kind.

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