Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 30: It’s OK to be Scared….

Episode XXX: It’s Ok To Be Scared… – Feb. 25th, 2014

When were YOU afraid?

For our 30th show we’re sharing our favourite scenes from movies that scared the hell out of us growing up. And for the first time we’ve opened the mic and asked some of our listeners and friends to join in on the fun. Everyone has a movie that has scared the hell out of them at one time or another. This episode answers the question, “When were YOU scared?” Join us and our guests for 45 minutes of great terror nostalgia and discussion in the usual Horror 101 style.


01:00 Fear….an excellent common denominator
04:00 The four year melting itch…
06:00 The Toxic Wasted…(give the man a hand)
07:40 “Julia….there’s a man out there…”
09:10 They all float down here…(with Eric Hofer)
12:25 One-one thousand, Two-one thousand….TREE!!!
15:33 Attack of the double nightmare…(with Eugene Trepanier)
20:05 10 yrs old and a ticket to fright…(thanks to Dave Girod)
24:57 The Ultimate Boogeyman…(with Derek Cookson)
30:52 Who do you think you are?…..whoever you are…
34:00 Let’s NOT go for a swim…(With Son of Celluloid)
41:00 I left it with Keating…nice girl…good heart!
43:24 Shut the door!!
45:25 Conclusion…

All video, pictures and audio used from the films discussed are copyrighted to their respective holders. All items used for educational purposes. Please no reposts.

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