Jun 30

Horror 101 – Episode 111: Vamp (1986)

Ever have one of those nights?

Leaping from one vampire from to another, this time we’re covering an obscure 80s movie. An surreal, nightmarish journey into urban vampirism with an odd combination of horror and comedy. For this 111th episode we’re giving the Horror 101 treatment to Richard Wenk’s Vamp.



  1. Юрий

    First off, I have listened to this podcast since the beginning and it NEVER disappoints me. The crew of Horror 101 help listeners deep dive into some of the best horror movies ever produced. I would LOVE to see a podcast where they review “From Beyond”. One of my faves. Thanks for podcasts Horror 101 Crew and please keep em’ coming! I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Especially horror movie themed podcasts. There are many exceptional podcasts in this category but this one stands above the rest. Between the music tie ins and editing you can tell there is a lot of hard work put into these episodes. Excellent podcast. Highly recommended!

    1. admin

      Thank you for the kind words and to be honest we did record a from Beyond show years ago but most of my crew hated the film and it broke my heart so I did not make a show out of maybe we can remedy this in the future. Thanks again

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