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Sep 30

Horror 101 – Episode 126: One Dark Night (1982)

A night to remember – until the day until you die! What do you get when a telekinetic vampire lays siege to a mausoleum from within his coffin during a cruel high school hazing stunt? You get this movie, starring Meg Tilly and Adam West. This is director Tom Mcloughlin’s first film. We hope you …

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Sep 03

Horror 101 – Episode 125: Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994)

Love Bleeds. For our 125th episode we are revisiting The Subspecies Franchise. With work going ahead on the upcoming Subspecies V we thought it best to focus another show on this 90s Full moon Vampire Chronicle. Shot back to back with Part 2, Bloodlust is a well crafted counterpart to its predecessor. With authentic sets …

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Jul 31

Horror 101 – Episode 124: The Black Phone

Never Talk to Strangers. This movie is the next chapter in horror collaboration by director Scott Derrickson and Ethan Hawk who worked together in Sinister. It is our privilege to present you our Horror 101 treatment of The Black Phone. Not since our Maniac show many years ago did a brand new movie push our …

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Jun 29

Horror 101 – Episode 123: The First Power (1990)

Satan has created the perfect killer. One who cannot be stopped. Be warned. On this show we cover a Lou Diamond Phillips action/horror from 1990. This film borrows heavily from late 80s resurrected killer movies like Shocker and The Horror Show. Jeff Kober has a menacingly good time playing Satanic killer Patrick Channing. The stunts …

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May 31

Horror 101 – Episode 122: Tremors (1990)

The monster movie that breaks new ground. With the recent passing of Fred Ward it seemed a perfect time for the crew to throw a spotlight on this 90s creature feature. Join us as we revisit the doomed town of Perfection and give the Horror 101 treatment to Ron Underwood’s Tremors. CHECK OUT EPISODE 122 …

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May 02

Horror 101 – Episode 121: Altered States (1980)

In the basement of a university medical school Dr . Jessup floats naked in total darkness. The most terrifying experiment in the history of science is out of control… and the subject is himself. Welcome to our 121st show! The Cult Sensation has pulled his request card! We recently lost another excellent actor and this …

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Mar 31

Horror 101 – Episode 120: Bloodstone – Subspecies II (1993)

Some things are better left Undead. This show is taking us back to the heyday of Full Moon’s epic Straight to Video collection. Long time listeners should be acquainted with Charles Band and his Full Moon catalog. Join us as we revisit the second installment of Ted Nicolaou’s vampire epic. Beautifully shot at real locations …

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Feb 28

Horror 101 – Episode 119: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

This time, staying awake won’t save you. Ten years after the first A Nightmare On Elm Street, writer/director Wes Craven returned to his legacy and gave us a fresh tale where the horror of the Nightmare films seep into the real world and menace the cast and crew of the original film. This film works …

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Jan 31

Horror 101 – Episode 118: Popcorn (1991)

Buy a bag…Go home in a box. This show we’re focussing on an obscure gem from the early 90s. This low budget creeper features a bunch of film students hosting an all night 50s schlock horror marathon, complete with William Castle style gimmicks and tricks. This event has a Phantom of the Opera style villain …

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Dec 30

Horror 101 – Episode 117: Magic (1978)

Abracadabra, I sit on his knee. Presto chango, and now he is me. Hocus Pocus, we take her to bed. Magic is fun; we’re dead. CHECK OUT EPISODE 117 HERE!!!

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