Jun 29

Horror 101 – Episode 135: The Burning (1981)

Don’t look he’ll see you. Don’t breathe he’ll hear you. Don’t move you’re dead!

We hope you’re feeling Nasty today cause thats exactly what we’re covering. A slasher gore piece from 1981 that was on the UK’s Video Nasty list. Of all the films is the 80s that tried to copy the Friday the 13th formula with a brutal killer in the woods this movie is one of the noteworthy ones. It has an impressive synth score from Richard Wakeman of Yes. Tom Savini does the horror effects and this was Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s first film for their label Miramax. The now disgraced movie producers who were just a few years ago titans of the industry began their journey here. Enjoy our Horror 101 treatment of Tony Maylam’s The Burning.


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