Aug 05

Episode 24 – Maniac: Now and Then

Episode XXIV: Maniac and it’s Remake – August 5th, 2013

“I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight!”

On this show we review William Lustig‘s Maniac and it’s remake made last year, starring Elijah Wood. Maniac (1980) was a controversial slasher which had feminists picketing it for it’s misogynist cruelty and gore. Gene Siskel walked out on the film after only half an hour. It became one of the notorious video nasties. Beneath that sensation lies a clever story of a traumatized boy growing up into a lethal, murderous man. Joe Spinell plays Frank Zito, the killer in the film. His performance is disturbing. The original Maniac was made for well under $100,000 yet it had Caroline Munro starring in it and some of Tom Savini‘s juiciest gore effects ever filmed. We’ll discuss both films. Their high and low points. The comparisons and the contrasts. There’s a twist to this podcast. It’s the first time we view a film that Cash hasn’t seen yet. The educator will become the pupil on this 24th podcast. It’s another solidly packed 45 minute show filled with soundtrack music and audio clips of the scenes we discuss. Join us for Maniac: Then and Now!


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