Aug 10

Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 1

Our first podcast is now available.  Join me, Cash Wampum and find out what traumatic experience lead me to the horror path.  I’ll talk with world famous Brian Stewart as we touch on the ridiculous remakes that the horror genre has been pumping out recently.  What went wrong with the remade Nightmare on Elm Street?  And what remakes should you actually watch!!?  Get our take on some of our favourite terror flicks like The Hitcher, The Legend of Hell House and more.  We’ll be debating CGI gore against the real thing.  Are talents the likes of Tom Savini and Steve Johnson going bye-bye for more cheap, modern film making magic?  Find out on this episode!  No matter who you are, I can guarantee you this.  There’s a horror movie out there just for you.  And we’re gonna help you find it on Horror 101.

Check out the podcasts page to stream or download it!!!

Horror 101 picture provided by Paul Reaume of Twisted Studio

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