Sep 10

Episode 26: Stuart Gordon’s The Pit and The Pendulum

Episode XXVI: Stuart Gordon’s The Pit and The Pendulum – September 10th, 2013

The Razor Edge of Death….

Welcome back to another Horror 101 podcast. We’re back from Fan Expo. We’ll cover how it went and who we met. After listening to writer/director David Schmoeller tell us that he’s a big fan of anything Stuart Gordon we felt it was time to unlock the Full Moon Entertainment vault with another Charles Band produced film, The Pit and the Pendulum. We’ll compare this 1991 version with the Roger Corman/Vincent Price 1961 film. We’ll explore the original Edgar Allan Poe short story and introduce you to Lance Henriksen at his diabolical best. From the moment The Pit and the Pendulum opens with an exhumation of a corpse to be put on trial for witchcraft you know you’re in for a great Stuart Gordon flick also starring Jeffrey Combs, Tom Towles and Frances Bay. Join us for another Horror 101 podcast and fall in love with the macabre work of one of Full Moon’s greatest pictures.


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  1. Rory

    I’m trying to download this one to listen to but I can’t find the download link.


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