Oct 23

Episode 28: Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons

Episode XXVIII: Night of the Demons – Oct. 23st, 2013

You’re invited to Angela’s Halloween Party…

Just in time for Halloween, the Horror 101 team is giving the royal treatment to Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons. Not since Carpenter’s Halloween has a film captured the spirit of the holiday so well in a horror film. Night of the Demons is a mixed bag of humour and chills with one of the best single set, claustrophobic settings ever filmed. It features some twisted horror effects from meistro Steve Johnson, a memorable performance from scream queen Linnea Quigley, a great 80s synth score and a bag full of awesome. We’ll share some Halloween stories and give an in depth look at why this film has been a Horror 101 favourite for decades. It’s another show filled with audio clips and great music in the Horror 101 style. Come celebrate Halloween with us at Angela’s party and the Night of the Demons.


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