Mar 21

Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 31: Clive Barker’s Nightbreed

Episode XXXI: Clive Barker’s Nightbreed – Mar. 22nd, 2014

“Everything’s true…God’s an astronaut…Oz is over the rainbow…….and Midian’s where the Monsters live!”

This show we’re dissecting Clive Barker’s brilliant dark fantasy, Nightbreed. Nightbreed is the ultimate adult fairy tale filled with awesome monsters and vicious killers. It’s an epic tale of good versus evil. Join us as we discuss this Canadian gem and what it means to the horror world. Find out what went wrong with it’s initial release and how, after 25 years some justice is finally being paid to a wonderful story that was too big for the 100 minutes it was shoehorned into. You’ll never look at David Cronenberg the same way again after you’ve seen him as Dr. Decker. It’s our privilege to finally open the Clive Barker vault.



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  1. Jamie

    Hey Cash.

    Greetings from Louisiana. I was just curious if you and the crew had ever jumpers the idea of doing an episode on Hellraiser? I love all of the Hellraisers and would love to hear your review of it. You guys are great and I always look forward to hear new episodes!!!!!

    1. Cash

      Hey Jamie. A couple years ago I would have said probably not, only cause Hellraiser is very well known but we’ve been starting to focus on some pretty mainstream titles. We just completed the Poltergeist show. Now I’m thinking its a possibility. I’ve been thinking about a show where we highlight sequels that outshine the original and in my opinion Hellraiser would be at the forefront of that show. What do you think?

      1. Jamie

        WOW! So sorry to have not gotten back to you sooner! i like your idea, as I believe Hellraiser 2 is better than the first. That being said, any Hellraiser after the 2nd is horrible (just an opinion).

        1. cash

          I somewhat enjoyed Anthony Hickox’s part III and i really enjoyed Bloodline. Inferno was horrible. Hellseeker I liked just because Ashley Lawrence came back. Deader was passable and Hellworld sucked the worst . Not even Lance Henriksen could save it ( and we love Henriksen).

          With that being said, I never watched Revelations and don’t plan to. We just wrapped up episode 45 on They Live, which should be released soon and then we’re doing The Essential Sequel Episode which will give some big love to Hellraiser II.

          I look forward to reading Barker’s Scarlet Letters though, where he purports to finish Pinhead for good. We’ll have to see.

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