Dec 14

Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 39: Fear for the Whole Family…

Episode XXXIX: The Family Horror Lesson – December 15th, 2014

Fear is a game for ALL ages…

For the first time ever The Horror 101 team has created a family friendly podcast. This time around we focus on dark and macabre elements from Disney and other G or PG rated films that we loved growing up. It’s a time capsule show appropriate for all ages in an attempt to educate EVERYONE’S fears. We’ll delve into The Wizard of OZ‘s darkest paths, The Black Hole’s Cygnus ship with it’s zombie crew. The evil Skeksis of Henson’s The Dark Crystal. The genius of Ivan Reitman’s thrillomedy Ghostbusters. The vicious digital world of Disney’s Tron and the cream of the crop….The best horror film ever made for the entire family; Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. Its another 40 minute Horror 101 production that cuts out the swearing and invites the whole family to join us for this special lesson in terror.


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