Jun 15

Horror 101 – Episode 43: The Babadook

Episode 43: The Babadook – June 16, 2015

If its in a word or in a look, you can’t get rid of The Babadook…

On our 43rd episode we look at Jennifer Kent’s directorial debut called The Babadook. This was a fan favourite from last year. A gem to come out of Australia. William Friedkin has been quoted to say this was the scariest film he’d ever scene. When the director of The Exorcist gives you that plug, you must have done something right. The Babadook focuses on Amelia, a young single mother and her little boy Samuel. When a macabre children’s story book shows up at their home it coincides with a dark presence that begins to destroy their lives. The Babadook is a genius horror which uses smart writing, excellent performances and great mechanics to deliver a terrifying tale of madness and survival.

We’ll discuss the passing of Betsy Palmer and Sir Christopher Lee. A huge blow to the horror community. We hope you enjoy the Horror 101 treatment of The Babadook.


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