Oct 16

Horror 101 – Episode 47: The Essential Sequel

Episode 47: The Essential Sequel – October 16th, 2015

Join us for our coverage of must see horror sequels!



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  1. Andrew

    Hey Cash,

    Love the show! I’ve listened to every episode and they’ve all been great! As a fellow Canadian, its nice to have a Canadian perspective on classic horror movies. Listening to you guys reminisce about Jumbo Video is a real treat for those of us who spent hours of our childhood looking at all those awesome 80’s vhs covers! Anyway, great work by all of you…keep em coming!

    1. cash

      TCM next!! RIP Gunnar Hansen! Working on the show now. Stay tuned!!

  2. Shaun

    Hey Cash huge fan love your show I work a graveyard shift so I find your podcast a staple to get me through those boring nights reflecting on all those great horror movies that have made me love the genre even more & have found a few I haven’t seen n really enjoyed I’m a huge fan just like you of those good 1980s horrors I love Night of the demons & was so sad n upset with the shit ass remake I love exorcist III can’t wait for that one to finally get its own show from you I’m anticipating the next episode like crazy if you could plz do an episode on the new insidious movies I have to say next to the Saw movies it’s the best horror movie in along time without being a fucking remake or a rehash the atmosphere was really good I know it was mostly built on jump scares but the 1st was in my mind solid film good idea projected well on screen they just made it into a cash grab with the later films 2&3 which Hollywood always does with a good idea water it down haha thanks again keep pumping out the eps PS what you think of this Krumpus movie for Christmas this year you think it’s gonna be a huge flop my wife is pumped n says it looks good I’m always the sceptic on movies black Christmas & silent night deadly night are my Christmas horrors n yet to be beat

    1. cash

      Shaun. Thanks for the comment and we’re glad you like the show. The Gunnar Hansen/Texas Chainsaw tribute will be coming Monday. I believe the next show will be Re-Animator by Stuart Gordon. We’re coming up on our 50th episode so hopefully something special then. I have to agree that the Saw series is the last great horror franchise, spanning 7 films and keeping us gore hounds satiated. Not sure if an Insidious podcast is on the horizon but we appreciate the suggestion. The trailer for Krampus looks silly but who knows? It might be a hit. I’ll have to check that one out soon. Thanks for listening!!

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