Aug 23

Fright Night Remake Video Review released!!!


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  1. Rory

    You made some excellent points about the brutality that is 3D film and the problems with horror remakes. What would you say are the five worst horror film remakes ever?

  2. Cash

    In all honesty, I haven’t seen them all. Last House and I Spit are still sitting on the shelf.

    But I CAN say that Nightmare on Elm Street was a huge disappointment. The Fog was probably one of the worst remakes ever made. The Night of the Demons remake was a huge letdown. The original Tenney classic from the mid 80s is one of my favourite horror flicks of all time. Friday the 13th wasn’t that bad but as a Friday fan I felt the violence wasn’t at the level a Friday should be at. I realize I sound like a troll but Jason is supposed to OVER kill not just kill. Perhaps they’re waiting for the sequel remakes to up his brutality. What i did like about Friday was how they introduced elements from the first four original movies into the script. I thought that was a good touch.

    And, of course the Zombie Halloweens were a let down as well. I think humanizing Michael Myers was a huge mistake. An interesting idea but….the one thing that made Halloween great was NOT knowing what happened to Michael when he was a kid. Not knowing what evil took over him. Not knowing if he was still a man or something unstoppable. Sometimes, NOT knowing is much better. The new H2 really bothered me because Zombie turned Loomis into a completely unlikeable piece of shit. Thats no way to treat a hero.

    So thats my take 😉 Welcome to the site!!!

  3. Shawn Labonte

    NICE WORK!!!! WORD!!!!!!

  4. Rory

    Thanks for the insight- so far I can’t say that I’ve seen a good remake of a classic horror film. It seems that improving the special effects or adding more depth to the characters just doesn’t work. I agree about the Zombie Halloween films though I only saw the original- interesting idea but just didn’t work and his directing was painfully predictable and lacked any suspense. I miss the days when a horror film was built around suspense and anticipation and surprise, though its really old school I still love the old Universal Dracula and Frankenstein films and of course King Kong is personal favourite- I remember watching those as a child and being both amazed and terrified by what I was seeing. Out of curiosity- are you a fan of the Paranormal Activity films?

  5. Cash

    I was actually a videographer for a paranormal investigation team up here in Canada for the last several years. Seen and heard some strange stuff in that time. Paranormal Activity films were enjoyable. I know the format isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Its cheap horror. And by cheap I mean, CHEAP logistically, not cheap intellectually. I know my wife was freaked out when we watched the second one. I found part II to be more of the same of part one except the ante had been increased bringing a baby and house pet into the fold. I suppose I’m a cautious fan of them. I know they’re making a third one. I hope they change it up just a bit and make it real scary. If its another carbon copy I’ll be disappointed.

    1. Rory

      Thanks for your response.

      I have to agree with you that the second wasn’t as effective a film but I do love those types of horror films that are filmed in such a way that you can actually feel as though it could really happen because I feel drawn in and I feel that I share the experience more (Signs is another good example). I thought having the next one set in a police interrogation room would be cool but I also kind of like the idea of having a film start with someone witnessing an argument in a store on his way out of town and when he gets back- everyone is dead and he has to piece together what happened- maybe using video surveillance footage.

      Have a good one, look forward to the next video review

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