Apr 10

Horror 101 – Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow

Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow – April 10th, 2016

Get ready for a Horror 101 show that is unlike any that have come before it. For the first time ever we spend more time shredding horror films than we do promoting them. With the recent death of Larry Drake we took the opportunity to spotlight three films he was involved in. The first is a made for TV horror film from 1981 called Dark Night of the Scarecrow. The second is one of the most ridiculous slasher films ever made, Dr. Giggles. And finally, we cover Sam Raimi’s Darkman. For the first time ever we give a movie a ZERO. Listen to how The World Famous Brian Stewart almost destroys Cash’s TV. He’s THAT annoyed. We’ll discuss the horror homages in Tarantino’s Hateful Eight and include music from John Carpenter’s upcoming album Lost Themes II. This is the episode that may offend some but is guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches. Its another 43 minutes of Horror 101 goodness you’re not going to want to miss.


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