Oct 21

Horror 101 – Episode 58: Halloween Special with Ghostwatch

Horror 101 – Episode 58: Halloween Special with Ghostwatch – October 21st, 2016

The reality ghost show that frightened an entire generation…

Welcome back to the Horror 101 podcast! Another Halloween is upon us! This year we’re featuring a television special which was broadcast by the BBC1 back on October 31st, 1992. Not since Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast in the 30s has a live show ever caused so much uncertainty and panic. Way before mass communication like the internet was available as a social crutch to validate the facts, this show took an unprecedented approach at reality TV as real journalists were used in a mockumentary which investigated paranormal activity. All the stops were pulled to invent a realistic and frightening scenario which many viewers believed was really happening. Its quite possibly the most effective and terrifying hoax ever released on television and has been the influence for several reality TV productions that followed. And for these reasons the Horror 101 team is spotlighting BBC’s Ghostwatch starring Michael Parkinson and Sarah Greene. We take some time to remember The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis who passed away the day we recorded. Join us for this year’s Horror 101 Halloween Special!



  1. Ralph

    This is now streaming on Shudder, awesome. For a threequel episode, would you be open to a trilogy? Like HG Lewis’ ‘blood trilogy,’ especially since you recently mentioned him.

    1. cash

      Ralph. The crew is already at each other’s throats, deciding which Threequels to focus on for the remainder of the year. There’s only so many months in a year and so many part 3s to cover! I doubt we’ll be adding an HGL show to the mix but its an interesting idea and thanks for sharing.

  2. Ralph

    NP, stoked about the Elm Street 3 episode. Just make sure you get a sound byte of the crew arguing over what to watch!

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