Oct 11

Podcast Episode III released!!!

This time round Cash checks out the wonderful chessefest Sharktopus!! We school a horror fan in the original Salem’s Lot and you’ll certainly want to check that one out after we’re done with it. We talk horror with the world famous Brian Stewart and special guest, the Nefarious Paul B!! Listen to the Indy IV debate!! Which horror icon caused a buzz at a Toronto Con in August? I’ll give you a hint!! We get to talk about about Hellraiser with it!! Get Cash’s reaction to the death of David Hess!! He was putting the show together when he heard the bad news!! We had to offer a small tribute to the man and his crown achievement The Last House on the Left. How did Brian react to Carpenter’s The Thing? And why is Day of the Dead the house favourite of Romero’s Dead saga?!?! All this and more in this third horror 101 show. Check out Episode III on the podcast page!!!


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