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Horror 101 – Episode 62: The Exorcist III: Legion

Horror 101 – Episode 62: The Exorcist III: Legion – February 28th, 2017

Do you dare walk these steps again?

Welcome to the first Horror 101 Threequel podcasts for this year. In 1973 writer William Peter Blatty and Director William Friedkin collaborated to give us one of the most memorable and important genre films ever to be made. The Exorcist. Several years later the talented John Boorman followed up with one of the worst sequels in horror history, Exorcist II: The Heretic from 1977. Fast forward 13 years and Exorcist III: Legion is made, this time both penned and directed by Mr. Blatty. Exorcist III was released with little fanfare but over the last couple of decades it has slowly gathered strength as one of the most fierce and terrifying films to come out of the 90s. With extraordinary performances by George C. Scott, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller and Ed Flanders, outstanding sound design and a smart, patient script Exorcist III has the power to scare even the most veteran fans all while brilliantly ending the legacy of Father Damian Karras. With the recent passing of Mr. Blatty earlier this year we felt our first Part III focus should certainly be his masterpiece. Join us for another great show with a small tribute to John Hurt who also passed away recently at 77.


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