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Horror 101 – Episode 66: From Dusk Till Dawn III – The Hangman’s Daughter

Horror 101 Episode 66: From Dusk Till Dawn III – The Hangman’s Daughter – June 30th, 2017

The vampire prophecy fulfilled…

As promised, we’re showcasing From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter which stars the recently deceased and Tarantino/Smith favourite actor, Michael Parks. This final film in the series is a prequel-threequel, going back to tell the story of the Mexican vampire’s nest a century before the events of the original Tarantino/Rodriguez film.

Hangman’s Daughter is a wonderful hybrid of old western and horror entertainment. Parks plays Ambrose Bierce, Civil War veteran and author. After witnessing Johnny Madrid’s daring escape from the Hangman’s noose he is waylaid by Madrid’s posse and left in the desert. The Hangman is on the heels of Madrid who has taken his daughter, Esmarelda with him. Fate finds them all uniting at La Titilla Del Diablo where all bets are off as enemies must band together to survive the night while the vampires fulfill an ancient prophecy which shape the future of their lair forever.

Part III is a great addition to the story. It is scores better than Part II: Texas Blood Money. Good performances, excellent stunts, exciting western elements and sticky gore from KNB effects make this a satisfying watch. We get World Famous Brian Stewart’s review on the Friday the 13th video game that launched last month. Join us for another Horror 101 podcast!


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