Dec 17

Podcast Episode V – The Dark Side of the Holidays…

If Christmas items are going to flood the stores before our beloved Halloween has even passed then Cash Wampum is going to bring darkness to the holiday season. Find out which Christmas horror movies to watch and which to avoid this season. Listen to the world famous Brian Stewart and Cult Sensation Nick Macpherson share some of their their nightmares for our listeners. We dissect Bob Clark’s original Black Christmas that is sure to raise the hair on the back of the most seasoned horror fan’s necks. Find out why Legend of Hell House is so dark and creepy with its fantastic sets and macabre feeling. How did Silent Night, Deadly Night change the face of horror? Join us as we bring you to the dark side of the holidays. Laugh with us as we explore one of the most notorious Youtube clips from a really BAD Christmas horror movie. Its an hour of excellent podcasting you won’t want to miss this Christmas season. Filled with great discussions, atmospheric music and audio clips from some great horror movies. Merry Black Christmas to all!!


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