Nov 29

Horror 101 – Episode 70: Friday the 13th Part III

Horror 101 – Episode 70: Friday the 13th Part III – November 29th, 2017

A New Dimension In Terror…

A string of early 80s horror films went the 3D route. Jaws 3, Amityville 3 and the spotlight of this show, Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th Part III. This third chapter in the Friday Franchise has tons of flaws, which we highlight in detail but there is still some elements that lock in Friday III as historically significant. This film cost Paramount a LOT of money to prepare it for 3D audiences. Did this strategy force the production to put all the money in the wrong places? Is it possibly the worst Friday of the series? The score is hokey. The 3D setup shots are bizarre. The story is confusing. Join us for one of our most critical podcasts yet!


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