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Horror 101 – Episode 84: Salem’s Lot (1979)

Horror 101 – Episode 84: Salem’s Lot (1979) February 28th, 2019

The ultimate in terror!

Welcome back to the Horror 101 show! If you had the privilege of growing up in the 70s you might remember a two-part Saturday night special broadcast to your TV in November of 1979. It was a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s second novel involving the vampire infestation of a small town, directed by the man that gave us The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Having to adhere to television’s strict guidelines of zero gore and profanity, this special was well crafted with an excellent cast and genuine spooks. It was a favourite of ours who grew up watching reruns in the 80s and since it turns 40 this year we’re giving the Horror 101 treatment to the original television production of Salem’s Lot. Join us!



  1. Rory

    Excellent show. Really enjoyed it. You mentioned not wanting to see the newer version of Salem’s Lot. Personally I recommend giving it a look at some point. While it is very similar to the original I found the newer version did a fantastic job of creating a sense of death in the town. the atmosphere it created to give the viewer a feeling that this was a town dying was excellent and in my opinion, far superior to the original.

    1. admin

      High praise! Might have to check it out one day.

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