Mar 22

Horror 101 Podcast – Episode VII: The Antichrist Special March 22, 2012

Join Cash Wampum, The World Famous Brian Stewart and Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson as we follow the AntiChrist in horror films. This time we’ll be reviewing Rosemary’s Baby, by Roman Polanski. This was our first request filled for a fan. Listen to how we desperately try NOT to spoil the end of the movie for you. Hilarity ensues! And what would an AntiChrist show be without dissecting the original Omen Trilogy (1976-1981). We will cover all the bases from Satan’s conception to ultimate demise. Its over 70 minutes of Quality HORROR podcasting filled with our opinions of the titles, their history, some great trivia information. Its another show loaded with audio clips and soundtrack music accompaniment. Our 7th show that you cannot miss!!!

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