Aug 30

Horror 101 – Episode 101: The Haunting (1963)

You may not believe in ghosts but you cannot deny terror.

For this 101st show we’re going back to dust off a classic haunted house film, directed by the legendary Robert Wise. Based off the novel by Shirley Jackson, this movie has been the template for successful ghost story films for decades. Grim atmosphere and top notch performances make this one of the best haunted house films ever created. Nearly 60 years later its influence on modern cinema can still be seen. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to The Haunting (1963).


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  1. Rory Congi

    Great show as always. This movie is number ten on my top 100 horror list. During your show you were all discussing if this was the oldest haunted house film.
    Some others that predate The Haunting are The Innocents (based on The Turn of thr Screw which is the inspiration for the second season of Haunting of Hill House) , The Uninvited and The House on Haunted Hill, which flows like a haunted house film up to the end of fhe film.

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