Jul 24

Podcast Episode 9: The Phantasm Chronicle

Episode IX – Yes! I’ll have a Phantasm 5, Please!, July 20th, 2012

For our ninth show we’re delving into the four Phantasm movies. Join Cash, The World Famous Brian Stewart and Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson as they visit The Tall Man and his army of killer spheres and the heroes who have tried to stop him in a horror saga thats lasted for over 30 years. They dissect each movie for you without giving too much plot away. The latest movie in the series, Phantasm IV: Oblivion was released over a decade ago and there’s a buzz going around that a fifth movie may be in the works. Since the Phantasm franchise desperately needs closure we felt it was time to put the series in the spotlight and gather any interest we can from fans to make sure that another Phantasm movie becomes a reality. Catch this solidly packed show accompanied by music from the movies, audio clips of the scenes they focus on, some interesting facts about their production and much, much more. If you’ve never heard of the Phantasm movies, then you’ve certainly found the right show!!

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  1. 6:50 – Nick makes a SPHERE!!
  2. 10:50 – Yellow Gore!
  3. 24:30 – Finding Phantasm II
  4. 28:43 – An ode to Reggie Bannister and the travesty of replacing Michael Baldwin in Phantasm II
  5. 30:00 – Thoughts on Phantasm II
  6. 35:30 – Don’t fuck with THE GOLD BALL!!!
  7. 43:40 – Finding Phantasm III
  8. 47:00 – Hilarious outburst from window gag
  9. 49:50 – A Slight Spoiler
  10. 57:00 – Thoughts on Phantasm IV
  11. 60:26 – Final Thought on making Part V and conclusion

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