Oct 31

Horror 101 – Episode 127: Halloween Ends

The Night He Gets Crunched.

I’m sure you all knew that we would be putting the spotlight on the newest Halloween film. The final movie in David Gordon Green’s extension of the original 1978 film. We avoided any spoilers to make sure we go in fresh. How will this end? We hope you enjoy our Horror 101 treatment of Halloween Ends..


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  1. Rory

    I have to admit I’m surprised how high the overall score for this one ended up being. I absolutely loathed this one way more than any other Halloween film I’ve seen. I hated the inconsistencies of the characters and the overall plot and near total lack of Michael Myers. As a general horror film I might have given this one a 2/10. As a Halloween film though I gave it a zero.

    That being said, I enjoyed the show. It was very entertaining.

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