Dec 17

Horror 101 Podcast – Episode 16: Silent Night, Deadly Night….The Night Santa went BAD! December 17th, 2012

Episode XVI – Silent Night, Deadly Night….The Night Santa went BAD! December 17th, 2012

Get ready for another dark Christmas show from your hosts at Horror 101. With the remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night fresh off the Blu-Ray press we decided to give credence to an 80s slasher film that created great controversy when it was first released. Parent groups picketed theatres demanding the movie be withdrawn back in 1984 and after two weeks of playing, it was yanked. But for what reason? Was the fact that a killer dressed as Santa was too heavy? Was it a moral sin to sully the sanctity of the holidays? We feel that the movie was more than just exploitation. There is a story here along with some fine gore. Join us as we explore the sensation that is Silent Night, Deadly Night and we’ll also view the remake starring Malcolm McDowell and compare the two. Its another twisted show with a lot of laughs and some of the spookiest Christmas music you’ve ever heard. Click on us and let Horror 101 make your holidays a little bit darker this year.



  1. Ralph Romero

    Really enjoyed this show in addition to the Black Christmas shows. Will definitely revisit these. Two holiday themed movies I would urge anyone to see at least once would be Silent Night Bloody Night (1973) and Christmas Evil (1980), two sleepers that have way more to offer than what their box covers imply.

    1. cash

      I remember seeing the box art for Silent Night, Bloody Night with the axe coming down on the skull. Old VHS browsing memories 😉 http://www.hudsonlee.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/silent_night_bloody_night_1974.jpg

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