May 28

Episode 21 – The House by the Cemetery…

Episode XXI – Read the fine print! You may have just mortgaged your LIFE! – May 29th, 2013

This show we are featuring an early 80s Italian gorefest called House by the Cemetery (1981) from director Lucio Fulci. When a family from New York moves into a quiet country house in Boston they begin to suspect there’s something not quite right about the property. Dr. Boyle has moved his family here for 6 months to continue the research of his predecessor who went mad and killed himself. Something in Oak Mansion is stirring. What lurks beneath the floorboards? And will the family be able to get out alive? The World Famous Brian Stewart has never seen a Fulci movie so it was about time to focus on the Italian Meistro of gore. House by the Cemetery is one of three films in the Fulci Death Trilogy (The City of the Living Dead and The Beyond being the other two). All of them were unrelated stories but they were most certainly bleak, violent and nasty horror flicks which all starred British actress Catriona MacColl. Come with us as we descend into the ultimate cellar of The House by the Cemetery. Listen to the horrible dubbing of Giovanni Frezza. Listen to the gurgling of blood pouring from mutilated bodies. It’s another podcast with soundtrack music accompaniment and audio clips of the scenes we discuss.


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