Jul 31

Horror 101 – Episode 78: Nightmare (1981)

Horror 101 – Episode 78: Nightmare (1981) – July 31st, 2018

The Dream You Can’t Escape ALIVE!

Greetings Horror Fans! We hope you’re prepared to get sticky and sleazy cause that’s where the Horror 101 train is headed this time around. For episode 78 we’re focusing on one of the most notorious Video Nasty slasher films in the genre. This film was once famous for causing a UK video distributor to go directly to jail (and not pass Go!) for failing to cut certain scenes from the film for its British VHS release. At the height of the Video Nasty purge copies of this movie went for over $100 bucks a pop. The director scandalously accredited the gore effects to maestro Tom Savini, exploiting his name for ticket sales. We’ll discuss how this came to be and introduce you to the real effects artists responsible for the shamelessly excessive violence this movie has to offer. Join us as we jump right into the sleaze of Romano Scavolini’s Nightmare.


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