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Horror 101 – Episode 79: Halloween II (1981)

Horror 101 – Episode 79: Halloween II (1981) – September 29th, 2018

The Nightmare Isn’t Over!

Greetings listeners! Welcome back to the Horror 101 show. After taking a month off we return to weigh in on the upcoming Halloween 2018 film and what its going to mean after its release. Is it enough that Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back to play Laurie Strode and John Carpenter will be making the music? Does it make sense that this new film will be replacing everything thats come after the original 1978 film? Few sequels are as perfect as Halloween II (1981). It begins the moment the original film left off and it is an exceptional film which concluded an excellent story. And with this new film threatening to remove it from the Myers canon its clear our only act of defiance is to give the Horror 101 treatment to Rick Rosenthal’s Part II. We’ll be speaking to long time listener Eugene and getting his thoughts. We’ll spend some time on what we’re expecting from the new movie and retrospecting on Part II. Join us as we defend one of the greatest horror sequels ever made.



  1. Wallygatorca

    Dug this review. Having seen it in the theater when it opened, there’s a ton of nostalgia here for me. I have re-watched plenty of times and it does hold up. Series should have ended here. I give it an 8.

    Don’t know what kind of mood you guys were in when you watched Dead and Buried, but found your review of it pretty lame. I also saw it in the theater when it opened, liked it then, and still like it now, sans nostalgia vibe.

  2. Rory

    Just listened to this show again and really enjoyed it. One little piece of trivia I noticed the last time I watched Halloween 2 is that the boy crushed and burned alive in the accident was Ben Traynor= the boy Lori liked. As if her night couldn’t get any worse- right? Not sure if this is something most people notice or not but thought I’d share the information either way.

    Anyhow- keep up the great work on the show.

    1. admin

      yes! It sucks to be Ben Traynor!! Horrible night for him as well. “He was was wearing a stupid mask and was real drunk!” Doesn’t sound like him and Lori would have lasted anyway.

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