Aug 30

Horror 101 Podcast Episode 11: Rolling with The Prince of Darkness

Episode XI:  Part Two of the John Carpenter Apocalyptic Trilogy – August 28th, 2012

Join your host Cash Wampum and his cohorts The World Famous Brian Stewart, Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson and The Nefarious Paul B as they discuss the second movie in our John Carpenter Apocalyptic Trilogy – Prince of Darkness. What happens when the Catholic Church teams up with a bunch of undergrad scientists to uncover an ancient secret prophesied to end the world? Find out in this show! Prince of Darkness stars Donald Pleasance, Jameson Parker and Victor Wong in a classic battle of good verses evil. How does this film live up to The Thing? Whats working for and against it? What were our favourite scenes? Why do the simple effects work so well? Its another solid horror podcast in the style you’ve come to enjoy.


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