Sep 11

Horror 101 Podcast Episode 12: Do You Read Sutter Cane?

Episode XII- Part 3/3 of our John Carpenter Apocalyptic Trilogy featuring In The Mouth of Madness, Sept 12, 2012

This is it! The final part of our John Carpenter Apocalyptic trilogy. This time we send you off with the 90’s Lovecraftian story of insanity running amok. When horror writer Sutter Cane goes missing just before his latest book is about to be released its up to John Trent to investigate the disappearance. Fearing an insurance scam, his denial in Cane’s abilities to alter reality with his writing is quickly reversed as he finds himself infected by a hysteria that could threaten the entire planet. Join Cash Wampum and his podcasters; The World Famous Brian Stewart, Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson and Nefarious Paul B as they discuss this final step in the Carpenter spotlight. How does this film stand against it’s awesome predecessors? What were their favourite scenes? Who the HELL is Sutter Kane? Why are old ladies and children the freakiest thing about this movie? All this and more in another great show with audio clips and soundtrack music accompaniment that’s sure to have you wondering, “Should you read Sutter Cane?” We say YES!


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