Dec 30

Horror 101 – Episode 141: Terror Train (1980)

Terror wears many disguises… All of them deadly!

We’re going back to 1980 on this show. There are 5 movies that made Jamie Lee Curtis one of the most famous scream queens, ever. Tonight, we bring you another one of those. Since this show is coming out on New Year’s Eve and the setting of this film is also on the same occasion, we’re giving the Horror 101 treatment to Roger Spottiswoode’s Terror Train. Happy New Year to all our listeners!


Nov 30

Horror 101 – Episode 140: Sleepaway Camp

…You won’t be coming home!

You’ve heard our Nefarious Paul B rip this film to pieces for years! Now we’re rubbing his nose in it! For our 140th podcast we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Robert Hiltzik’s Sleepaway Camp. How will Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson react to that shocking conclusion? Join us and find out!


Oct 31

Horror 101 – Episode 139: Friday The 13th – The Final Chapter

Jason is back, and this is the one you’ve been screaming for.

We saw this Friday the 13th in October coming a mile a way and ever since January my crew knew exactly what we were going to cover for this month. Every horror fan has their favourite Friday the 13th film and God knows there’s a lot to choose from. With masterful photography, great direction, an interesting, well written cast. The best stuntman playing Jason this side of Kane Hodder and graphic Tom Savini gore we’re going to argue that Part 4 should be at the top of everyone’s list. We hope you enjoy this Halloween Horror 101 treatment of Joseph Zito’s Friday the 13th The Final Chapter.


Sep 29

Horror 101 – Episode 138: Scarecrows (1988)

Trespassers will be Violated.

This has been a guilty pleasure for decades. Most reviewers either love it or hate it. As we setup for the end of summer around here we’re giving the Horror 101 treatment to William Wesley’s Scarecrows.


Aug 31

Horror 101 – Episode 137: Event Horizon

A haunted ship. A missing crew. An infinite evil.

Welcome to our 137th show! In the late 90s a young Paul W.S. Anderson directed a fantastic cast in a Horror/Sci Fi that’s main goal was to give you a haunted house in space film. Test Audiences hated it. Half an hour was cut from it. The negative has been neglected and destroyed and although it was a commercial failure this film has since gathered a huge following in the horror community. Its been a long time since our crew had extremely varied opinions on a title. We hope you enjoy as we give the Horror 101 treatment to Event Horizon!


Jul 31

Horror 101 – Episode 136: Arachnophobia

Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude.

We put Nood through the creepy crawler ringer once again! This show we’re going back to 1990 and revisiting the thrillomity of that summer. Its been confirmed, we lost Julian Sands on Mount Baldy this year. He was part of this Spielberg produced killer spider film which cuts an even slice of dread and comedy to appeal to all audiences. Fond memories of this title. We hope you enjoy our Horror 101 treatment of Frank Marshall’s Arachnophobia! Be sure to shake your shoes and check your popcorn!


Jun 29

Horror 101 – Episode 135: The Burning (1981)

Don’t look he’ll see you. Don’t breathe he’ll hear you. Don’t move you’re dead!

We hope you’re feeling Nasty today cause thats exactly what we’re covering. A slasher gore piece from 1981 that was on the UK’s Video Nasty list. Of all the films is the 80s that tried to copy the Friday the 13th formula with a brutal killer in the woods this movie is one of the noteworthy ones. It has an impressive synth score from Richard Wakeman of Yes. Tom Savini does the horror effects and this was Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s first film for their label Miramax. The now disgraced movie producers who were just a few years ago titans of the industry began their journey here. Enjoy our Horror 101 treatment of Tony Maylam’s The Burning.


May 31

Horror 101 – Episode 134: Evil Dead Rise

Mommy Loves You To Death.

Two days before we convened to run the microphone for this episode Evil Dead Rise was released for stream. Hot off the press. We had to strike while the iron was hot. None of us were fans of the 2013 remake and expectations were low for this entry. All of us had avoided spoilers and were going in to this cold. We hope you enjoy our Horror 101 treatment of Lee Cronin’s addition to the Evil Dead Universe.


Apr 30

Horror 101 – Episode 133: Two Evil Eyes

When I Wake You…You’ll Be Dead.

If you were a subscriber of The Gorezone or Fangoria magazines back in the day, you would have heard all about it. Outside of that, there is a very good chance you missed this sleeper genre movie. Two horror icons give us their modernized take on a pair of Edgar Allan Poe stories. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to Romero/Argento’s Two Evil Eyes.


Mar 31

Horror 101 – Episode 132: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Her curse lives deep within.

Welcome to our 132nd Episode! This was recorded on St. Patty’s Day. No, we’re not covering Leprechaun. We did entertain the idea of covering an Irish themed horror but ultimately went with a film from 2016. Its quick, its tight. Its a decent shocker. Its a solid supernatural story that seems familiar but repacked well. Its claustrophobic and has an excellent cast and for these reasons we’re giving the Horror 101 treatment to André Øvredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe.


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