Horror 101 – Episode 61: Thir13en Ghosts

Horror 101 – Episode 61: Thir13en Ghosts – January 27th, 2017

There are ghosts around us all the time. Most of them don’t want to hurt us. But, there are exceptions…

Welcome to our first Horror 101 podcast of 2017. On this show we’re going to focus on one of Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson’s guilty pleasures. This was a strategic pick to help Usher us into a theme we’ve decided to follow for our podcasts this year. This theme will allow us to hit a lot of classic franchises in the horror genre and we’re really excited to share them with you. Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to the remake of William Castle’s 13 Ghosts starring Tony Shalhoub, F. Murray Abraham, Shannon Elizabeth and Matthew Lillard.



Horror 101 – Episode 60: Fall of the House of Usher

Horror 101 – Episode 60: Fall of the House of Usher – December 20th, 2016

The House of Usher is no more – and the place whereon it stood is as if – it had never been.

Welcome back to the Horror 101 show. This will be our 60th podcast, coming at you just in time for your holidays. To help us celebrate this 60th milestone we’re continuing the podcast with more classic Vincent Price horror and focusing on Roger Coreman’s Fall of the House of Usher from 1960. Based on the timelessly macabre short story by Edgar Allan Poe. This film is a king in the Gothic Horror enterprise with stunning atmosphere, rich sets and fantastic wardrobe. This was the first of many Poe adaptations featuring Price from American International Pictures. We’ll make some comparisons between the film and the original story and talk about Poe himself. Sit back, enjoy some eggnog and let Horror 101 bring some classic darkness to your holidays.



Horror 101 – Episode 59: Houses on Haunted Hills

Horror 101 – Episode 59: Houses on Haunted Hills – November 28th, 2016

It’s going to be a long night.

For our 59th episode we go back to visit the wacky gimmick horror that was William Castle’s 1959 spooker House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price. Following that we give a small treatment to Dark Castle’s 1999 remake which featured Geoffrey Rush, Ali Larter and Famke Jansenn. We’ll compare the two and focus on their pros and cons. We also give our brutally honest review of Phantasm V: Ravager and why it was so disappointing to us.



Horror 101 – Episode 58: Halloween Special with Ghostwatch

Horror 101 – Episode 58: Halloween Special with Ghostwatch – October 21st, 2016

The reality ghost show that frightened an entire generation…

Welcome back to the Horror 101 podcast! Another Halloween is upon us! This year we’re featuring a television special which was broadcast by the BBC1 back on October 31st, 1992. Not since Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast in the 30s has a live show ever caused so much uncertainty and panic. Way before mass communication like the internet was available as a social crutch to validate the facts, this show took an unprecedented approach at reality TV as real journalists were used in a mockumentary which investigated paranormal activity. All the stops were pulled to invent a realistic and frightening scenario which many viewers believed was really happening. Its quite possibly the most effective and terrifying hoax ever released on television and has been the influence for several reality TV productions that followed. And for these reasons the Horror 101 team is spotlighting BBC’s Ghostwatch starring Michael Parkinson and Sarah Greene. We take some time to remember The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis who passed away the day we recorded. Join us for this year’s Horror 101 Halloween Special!



Horror 101 – Episode 57: Exhumation of The Crypt Keeper

Horror 101 – Episode 57: Exhumation of The Crypt Keeper – September 20th, 2016

Ready for your deadtime story?

Welcome to the 57th podcast of the Horror 101 Show where we’re educating your fears. This episode we will discuss the remaking of Stephen King’s IT, the rumour of another Night on Elm Street remake, the new Phantasm V coming and the return of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead. And thats just in the first few minutes. Join the Horror 101 crew as we exhume the Crypt Keeper, John Kassir. We’ll give a history on the origin of the Tales saga and give the Horror 101 treatment to Demon Knight starring William Sadler and Billy Zane.



Horror 101 – Episode 56: The Stranger Things in The Fog

Episode 56: The Stranger Things in The Fog – August 20th, 2016

What you can’t see won’t hurt you… it’ll kill you!

Welcome back to the Horror 101 Podcast. Come with us as we voyage to a cursed place. After hitting the John Carpenter show in Michigan, Cash learns his colleagues have never seen Carpenter’s The Fog from 1980. The sacrilege! We’re going to remedy that tonight and showcase this maritime ghost story. Light on gore and big on atmosphere, The Fog is one of the best ghost stories ever committed to celluloid. When the clipper ship Elizabeth Dane is purposefully run aground and her crew of Lepers murdered for their gold the descendants of these perpetrators will pay for their crimes 100 years later as the cozy coastal town of Antonio Bay celebrates its centennial. Its sweet ghostly revenge. We’ll cover our experience at The Carpenter show and our love affair with the 80s inspired Netflix series Stranger Things. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to another Carpenter Classic!



Horror 101 – Episode 55: Green Room

Episode 55: Green Room – July 22, 2016

Now. Whatever you saw or did. Is no longer my concern. But let’s be clear. It won’t end well.

Welcome back to The Horror 101 Show. On this 55th podcast we will be covering another new film by director Jeremy Saulnier. Its Sir Patrick Stewart in his first horror movie since Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce. We couldn’t believe Saulnier got him to play a racist homicidal Nazi Skinhead. And he kills the performance. This will be one of the last films we get from the recently deceased Anton Yelchin. This is a movie about survival in its most brutal form. We loved it. Join us as we give the horror 101 treatment to Green Room.

We’ll discuss our first flame mail that we received after our last show. It took 5 years before a listener took the time to shit on us. Listen to what pissed them off so much.

And our own Nood will be giving her first ever review on horror literature from author N.L. Munn.

Its another show you’re not going to want to miss. Join us for Green Room!



Horror 101 – Episode 54: The Conjuring of the 2

Episode 54: the Conjuring of the 2 – June 24th, 2016

From the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Welcome friends! We are back! After some technical difficulties destroyed our last recording session The Horror 101 team is back with an ambitious show that we’re calling The Conjuring of the 2. World Famous Brian Stewart and Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson will watch James Wan’s The Conjuring for the first time. After we give The Conjuring the Horror 101 treatment we fly to the theatre to catch the sequel. This is the first time we cover a brand new film. We’ll cover the history of The Warrens and their 60 years of paranormal research and the likes and dislikes of the new film. Tons of great horror podcasting awaits you in this 54th Horror 101 show!



Horror 101 – Episode 53: Carrie (1976/2013)

Episode 53: Carrie (1976/2013) – May 7th, 2016

If you got a taste for terror, than you have a date with Carrie.

Welcome to the 53rd episode of the Horror 101 Show. Since Cash and The World Famous Brian Stewart turn 40 this year we figured we’d spotlight a horror film from the year they came unto this world, 1976. What better time to show some love to Brian De Palma’s Carrie, based on one of Stephen King’s first novels. Get out your pig’s blood and St. Sebastian statues, we’ve got a great show for you. Since the anti-bully movement is in full motion these days Carrie is more relevant now than maybe its ever been before. Starring Sissy Spacek, William Katt, Nancy Allen, Piper Laurie, P.J. Soles and introducing John Travolta. Carrie is the ultimate underdog story of a young misfit girl who, after being picked on all her life by her peers and an overbearing mother manifests a powerful telekinesis that is unleashed in a hellish display of lethal retribution after a vicious prank goes too far. We will watch both the original and 2013 remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore and compare the two. We’ve thrown in some music from 1976 to give that 70s vibe. Join us for 38 minutes of senior prom hellishness.



Horror 101 – Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow

Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow – April 10th, 2016

Get ready for a Horror 101 show that is unlike any that have come before it. For the first time ever we spend more time shredding horror films than we do promoting them. With the recent death of Larry Drake we took the opportunity to spotlight three films he was involved in. The first is a made for TV horror film from 1981 called Dark Night of the Scarecrow. The second is one of the most ridiculous slasher films ever made, Dr. Giggles. And finally, we cover Sam Raimi’s Darkman. For the first time ever we give a movie a ZERO. Listen to how The World Famous Brian Stewart almost destroys Cash’s TV. He’s THAT annoyed. We’ll discuss the horror homages in Tarantino’s Hateful Eight and include music from John Carpenter’s upcoming album Lost Themes II. This is the episode that may offend some but is guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches. Its another 43 minutes of Horror 101 goodness you’re not going to want to miss.


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