Horror 101 – Episode 53: Carrie (1976/2013)

Episode 53: Carrie (1976/2013) – May 7th, 2016

If you got a taste for terror, than you have a date with Carrie.

Welcome to the 53rd episode of the Horror 101 Show. Since Cash and The World Famous Brian Stewart turn 40 this year we figured we’d spotlight a horror film from the year they came unto this world, 1976. What better time to show some love to Brian De Palma’s Carrie, based on one of Stephen King’s first novels. Get out your pig’s blood and St. Sebastian statues, we’ve got a great show for you. Since the anti-bully movement is in full motion these days Carrie is more relevant now than maybe its ever been before. Starring Sissy Spacek, William Katt, Nancy Allen, Piper Laurie, P.J. Soles and introducing John Travolta. Carrie is the ultimate underdog story of a young misfit girl who, after being picked on all her life by her peers and an overbearing mother manifests a powerful telekinesis that is unleashed in a hellish display of lethal retribution after a vicious prank goes too far. We will watch both the original and 2013 remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore and compare the two. We’ve thrown in some music from 1976 to give that 70s vibe. Join us for 38 minutes of senior prom hellishness.



Horror 101 – Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow

Episode 52: The Darkman Night of the Giggling Scarecrow – April 10th, 2016

Get ready for a Horror 101 show that is unlike any that have come before it. For the first time ever we spend more time shredding horror films than we do promoting them. With the recent death of Larry Drake we took the opportunity to spotlight three films he was involved in. The first is a made for TV horror film from 1981 called Dark Night of the Scarecrow. The second is one of the most ridiculous slasher films ever made, Dr. Giggles. And finally, we cover Sam Raimi’s Darkman. For the first time ever we give a movie a ZERO. Listen to how The World Famous Brian Stewart almost destroys Cash’s TV. He’s THAT annoyed. We’ll discuss the horror homages in Tarantino’s Hateful Eight and include music from John Carpenter’s upcoming album Lost Themes II. This is the episode that may offend some but is guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches. Its another 43 minutes of Horror 101 goodness you’re not going to want to miss.



Horror 101 – Episode 51: Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986)

Episode 51: Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) – March 13th, 2016

“Be afraid….be very afraid!”

Welcome back to the Horror 101 show where we are continuing to Educate your Fears. With the new Ghostbusters film coming our conversation turned to remakes recently and when it was disclosed that the World Famous Brian Stewart hadn’t seen David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of Kurt Neumann’s The Fly (1958 with Vincent Price) then we knew exactly what Episode 51 was going to be. David Cronenberg has been called the Canadian David Lynch because of his bizarre and sometimes confusing narratives. Whatever your opinion of his style, there is one thing that we can all agree on and that is Mr. Cronenberg knows horror and he isn’t shy about using gore and grim nastiness to tell a story.

In our opinion The Fly is a great achievement that rivals Carpenter’s The Thing for great 80s remake status. Its as tragic as it is terrifying. The Fly has amazing performances from Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. An astounding classical score from Howard Shore and some of Chris Walas’ most horrifying special effects ever filmed. Join us as we dissect the film and its production in this retrospective show and give the Horror 101 treatment to Cronenberg’s The Fly.



Horror 101 – Episode 50: Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone

Episode 50: Rod Serling’s the Twilight Zone (1959-1964) – February 26th, 2016

“Beyond this door is a dimension of sight, sound and mind. You’ve just crossed over into…The Twilight Zone!”

Welcome back to the Horror 101 podcast. Finally, we bring you our 50th episode! Horror 101 has gone from this small little project that began several years ago to being one of the most popular Horror Podcasts on the net. You listeners have catapulted us to the top of the Podomatic TV/Film list time and time again and we thank you for your support. We began this show with the hope to give you an entertaining reflection on some of the best genre films that you might have missed and it was our job to get you to watch these movies. After listening to this many Horror 101 podcasts we can certainly say that you have graduated Horror 101 with honours!

And for this 50th episode the Horror 101 team is going to spotlight a television show that has, to this day inspired many genre authors. In late 1959 writer/producer Rod Serling gave us his imaginative half hour show called the Twilight Zone. This show would delve into a litany of social commentary and wonders that the 50s TV viewer had never seen before. Sometimes they were frightening, sometimes heart warming but always fantastic and bizarre. We will focus on some of the more terrifying episodes and what they meant to us. Its a special 35 minute podcast that will bring you to another dimension of sight, sound and mind. Join us as we open the gates to The Twilight Zone.



Horror 101 – Episode 49: Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator

Episode 49: Re-Animator (1985) – December 23rd, 2015

Death is just the beginning…

Just in time for Christmas! Welcome back to the Horror 101 podcast! We always say that 1985 was the most entertaining year for horror. And Re-Animator is certainly NO exception. When you have Stuart Gordon directing a Brian Yuzna film starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, you cannot do wrong. Based off a Lovecraft story of science run amok, Re-Animator is a pioneering zany gore flick which has something for everyone. The horror effects are stunning, the acting is excellent. The attention to detail by the crew that made this film was second to none. This was the movie that put Jeffrey Combs on the map. If you’ve never seen him as Herbert West then you’re missing out. We dare you to find another flick made for under a million dollars thats as good as Re-Animator. After a somber year of memorial Horror 101 shows we decided to push the camp and laughs this time around and we couldn’t find a better film to focus on to achieve that than Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator. Its a 37 minute Horror 101 treatment of another classic you shouldn’t miss! Join us!



Horror 101 – Episode 48: The Gunnar Hansen/Texas Chainsaw Tribute

Horror 101 – Episode 48: The Gunnar Hansen/Texas Chainsaw Tribute – Nov 23rd, 2015

Who will survive and what will be left of them?

Once again we lose another Horror Icon in 2015. This time its Gunnar Hansen who played the original Leatherface in 1974. As much as we hate to make another obitual show this year, this gives us the opportunity to give the Horror 101 treatment to one of the most terrifying films ever made, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Join us as we show the film to The Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson for the first time and get his fresh take on this timeless classic. We’ll have a special guest The Son of Celluloid, Nathan Hamilton joining the crew to give us his memories of meeting Mr. Hansen. His knowledge of Chainsaw lore is unmatched and we couldn’t think of a better person to come on and share their thoughts for our listeners. Its another 38 minutes of horror podcasting that you are not going to want to miss.



Horror 101 – Episode 47: The Essential Sequel

Episode 47: The Essential Sequel – October 16th, 2015

Join us for our coverage of must see horror sequels!



Horror 101 – Episode 46: The Wes Craven Tribute

Horror 101 – Episode 46: The Wes Craven Tribute – Sept 15th, 2015

With a heavy heart we give tribute to another horror icon that we’ve lost this year. This time the man that revolutionized modern horror and gave us Freddy Krueger sadly passed away and this is our crew’s opportunity to reflect on his works and say goodbye to Wes Craven. This 54 minute show has over 8 contributors. Many people wanted to join us in celebrating Mr. Craven’s career. His hits and his misses are all touched upon. We accepted call ins from friends and colleagues who added to the nostalgia. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to one of the genre’s most cherished heroes.



Horror 101 – Episode 45: They Live

Episode 45: They Live – August 28th, 2015

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Welcome back to another Horror 101 show and once again, a recent death is steering this ship! With the recent passing of Rowdy Roddy Piper we decided to focus on the crown jewel of his cinematic achievement; A sci-fi/horror film from the catalogue of 80’s John Carpenter called They Live. This film has a strong economic and political tone that is even more relevant today than it was 27 years ago. They Live is an alien invasion film that plays out like a 100 minute Twilight Zone episode. Starring Roddy Piper, Keith David and Meg Foster. Our crew will dissect the importance of the story, the corny one-liners and epic scenes that make They Live a classic Carpenter film. Kick ass and chew bubblegum with us as we honour the passing of a wrestling legend and give the Horror 101 treatment to They Live.



Horror 101 – Episode 44: The Christopher Lee Tribute

Horror 101 – Episode 44: The Christopher Lee Tribute – July 22nd, 2015

On this very special 44th episode we pay homage to a gentleman who has thrilled us for over half a century. Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was born May 27th 1922. After a distinguished military career in WW2 he tried his hand at acting. Over 70 years and 250 appearances later he is remembered as one of the most revered actors of his time. We’ll discuss how his experiences behind enemy lines and relation to Bond creator Ian Fleming may have lead to the 007 blue print. We’ll focus on his contribution to the horror genre and some of his most memorable roles throughout the decades. Join us as we pay tribute to Christopher Lee by giving him the Horror 101 treatment and bid a fond farewell to one of our screen heroes.


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