Nov 29

Horror 101 – Episode 70: Friday the 13th Part III

Horror 101 – Episode 70: Friday the 13th Part III – November 29th, 2017

A New Dimension In Terror…

A string of early 80s horror films went the 3D route. Jaws 3, Amityville 3 and the spotlight of this show, Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th Part III. This third chapter in the Friday Franchise has tons of flaws, which we highlight in detail but there is still some elements that lock in Friday III as historically significant. This film cost Paramount a LOT of money to prepare it for 3D audiences. Did this strategy force the production to put all the money in the wrong places? Is it possibly the worst Friday of the series? The score is hokey. The 3D setup shots are bizarre. The story is confusing. Join us for one of our most critical podcasts yet!


Oct 29

Horror 101 – Episode 69: Halloween III – Season of the Witch

Horror 101 Episode 69: Halloween III – Season of the Witch – Oct. 29th, 2017

The Night Nobody Comes Home!

its our favourite time of year once again! We’ve reached that nasty 69 number! We have had more requests to cover Tommy Lee Wallace’s Halloween 3 than any other film since we began Horror 101 so there was absolutely no doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t be covering Season of the Witch for this part of our threequel year. We’ll discuss how it affected the Halloween series and why the producers took a chance on moving in another direction. Where was Michael Myers? Could Halloween III have been the start to a whole line of Halloween themed horror movies? With excellent music by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth no other podcast makes it sound like you’re watching the movie with us like this show. Its the Horror 101 Halloween Special! We hope you enjoy it!


Sep 24

Horror 101 – Episode 68: Evil Dead III: The Army of Darkness

Horror 101 – Episode 68: Evil Dead III: The Army of Darkness – September 26th, 2017

Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas

After our last farewell podcast we wanted to come back to you a little more upbeat and we had the perfect Part III to do it with. More comedy than horror, Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness is the endlessly entertaining third chapter to his Evil Dead story. At the end of Evil Dead II we saw Ash transported back to medieval times. Army of Darkness is the story of this out of place 20th century man fulfilling the foretold prophecy and becoming the savior of the realm. We’ll discuss our first experiences seeing the movie over 20 years ago. There’s a horror geek dispute that you won’t want to miss. Its Horror 101 covering Bruce Campbell Vs. The Army of Darkness.


Aug 15

Horror 101 – Episode 67: The Romero Special (Day of the Dead)

Horror 101 – Episode 67: The Romero Special (Day of the Dead) – Aug 15th, 2017

February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017

Welcome back listeners! We weren’t expecting to return so soon but the death of our beloved Lord of the Undead; writer/director George Romero has forced us back to the mic for another special remembrance podcast. Only minutes after the news of George’s death was circulated we were inundated with requests from friends and colleagues who pleaded for a Horror 101 Romero show. Not just that, they wanted to be involved in the recording. So this show is going to have 9 of us getting together to share our Romero stories from when we met him. How his movies affected us growing up and what it was like to be on a Romero set for Land of the Dead. We also watch Day of the Dead to keep in tune with our threequel theme this year. Clocking in at just under an hour this is longest podcast since the Top 20. Join us as we pay tribute to The Godfather of the modern Zombie.


Jun 30

Horror 101 – Episode 66: From Dusk Till Dawn III – The Hangman’s Daughter

Horror 101 Episode 66: From Dusk Till Dawn III – The Hangman’s Daughter – June 30th, 2017

The vampire prophecy fulfilled…

As promised, we’re showcasing From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter which stars the recently deceased and Tarantino/Smith favourite actor, Michael Parks. This final film in the series is a prequel-threequel, going back to tell the story of the Mexican vampire’s nest a century before the events of the original Tarantino/Rodriguez film.

Hangman’s Daughter is a wonderful hybrid of old western and horror entertainment. Parks plays Ambrose Bierce, Civil War veteran and author. After witnessing Johnny Madrid’s daring escape from the Hangman’s noose he is waylaid by Madrid’s posse and left in the desert. The Hangman is on the heels of Madrid who has taken his daughter, Esmarelda with him. Fate finds them all uniting at La Titilla Del Diablo where all bets are off as enemies must band together to survive the night while the vampires fulfill an ancient prophecy which shape the future of their lair forever.

Part III is a great addition to the story. It is scores better than Part II: Texas Blood Money. Good performances, excellent stunts, exciting western elements and sticky gore from KNB effects make this a satisfying watch. We get World Famous Brian Stewart’s review on the Friday the 13th video game that launched last month. Join us for another Horror 101 podcast!


May 29

Horror 101 – Episode 65: House III

Horror 101 – Episode 65: House III (The Horror Show) – May 30th, 2017

They tried to electrocute “Meat Cleaver” Max. It didn’t work.

What do you get when producer Sean S. Cunningham puts Lance Henriksen and Brion James in a cheesy 80s film? You get The Horror Show AKA House III. This podcast is going to be a riot. House III is a little more obscure than our recent threequels. The film had some problems, including the director being fired and replaced in the middle of production. House III was the Wes Craven’s Shocker clone of its day. Another film about a mass murderer being put to death by electrocution, only to come back as a supernatural menace exacting revenge on the cop who put him away. The Horror Show is light on scares but there’s a ton of laughs. With two actors battling each other in a Nightmare of Elm Street kind of script, it has to be entertaining.


Apr 25

Horror 101 – Episode 64: Nightmare III – Dream Warriors

Horror 101 – Episode 64: Nightmare III – Dream Warriors – April 26th, 2017

If you think you’ll get out alive, You must be dreaming.

Welcome back to the Horror 101 show. Our April Threequel podcast brings us to dreamland. This is the first time we’ve dedicated an entire show to that Nightmare spectre, Fred Kreuger. Those of you who grew up in the 80s remember the sensation that was Nightmare III. It dominated the VHS new release aisle, filling entire walls with copies of this rental favourite. It was Chuck Russel’s directorial debut, helming a script which gave Frank Darabont his first writing credit. A lot of talented people cut their teeth on this project which has become a fan favourite. Nightmare III took huge risks and became a game changer in the Elm Street franchise by taking Freddy out of the shadows and forever creating a horror legend of slapstick mayhem and death.

Nancy from the first film returns to find several youngsters committed for suicide attempts, claiming a man in their dreams is trying to kill them. Recognizing these children as the last of the Elm Street kids she wakes up their inner dream gifts and uses them as weapons against the Dream Stalker who is already slicing through the field. Will they band together to finally put an end to the Freddy menace or will they all fall victim to the Springwood Slasher. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to Nightmare III: Dream Warriors


Mar 22

Horror 101 – Episode 63: Leatherface – TCM3

Horror 101 – Episode 63: Leatherface – TCM3 – March 23rd, 2017

The Saw is Family

We’re back with another threequel coverage. This time we focus on Jeff Burr’s Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Released in 1990, at the height of the MPAA’s wrath this film was heavily censored and highly criticized for its violence and gore. Hectic shooting schedules and script changes were just the beginning of production difficulties but in the end a coherent and fun horror film was added to the Chainsaw Saga. Join us as we dissect some of the memorable scenes from the film. We’ll discuss the alternate ending and why Burr’s film was changed without his knowledge. We’ll also get World Famous Brian Stewart’s take on Chainsaw II (as he had to watch it as home work for this session).


Feb 27

Horror 101 – Episode 62: The Exorcist III: Legion

Horror 101 – Episode 62: The Exorcist III: Legion – February 28th, 2017

Do you dare walk these steps again?

Welcome to the first Horror 101 Threequel podcasts for this year. In 1973 writer William Peter Blatty and Director William Friedkin collaborated to give us one of the most memorable and important genre films ever to be made. The Exorcist. Several years later the talented John Boorman followed up with one of the worst sequels in horror history, Exorcist II: The Heretic from 1977. Fast forward 13 years and Exorcist III: Legion is made, this time both penned and directed by Mr. Blatty. Exorcist III was released with little fanfare but over the last couple of decades it has slowly gathered strength as one of the most fierce and terrifying films to come out of the 90s. With extraordinary performances by George C. Scott, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller and Ed Flanders, outstanding sound design and a smart, patient script Exorcist III has the power to scare even the most veteran fans all while brilliantly ending the legacy of Father Damian Karras. With the recent passing of Mr. Blatty earlier this year we felt our first Part III focus should certainly be his masterpiece. Join us for another great show with a small tribute to John Hurt who also passed away recently at 77.


Jan 25

Horror 101 – Episode 61: Thir13en Ghosts

Horror 101 – Episode 61: Thir13en Ghosts – January 27th, 2017

There are ghosts around us all the time. Most of them don’t want to hurt us. But, there are exceptions…

Welcome to our first Horror 101 podcast of 2017. On this show we’re going to focus on one of Cult Sensation Nick MacPherson’s guilty pleasures. This was a strategic pick to help Usher us into a theme we’ve decided to follow for our podcasts this year. This theme will allow us to hit a lot of classic franchises in the horror genre and we’re really excited to share them with you. Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to the remake of William Castle’s 13 Ghosts starring Tony Shalhoub, F. Murray Abraham, Shannon Elizabeth and Matthew Lillard.


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